Come experience the joy of learning with weekly adventure themes.  Summer may be more relaxed, but we have implemented learning activities into our weekly summer themes.  We will continue education while having fun.  Your child will have a great summer in a safe and nurturing environment.
Summer Camp!
Our weekly themes:

Summer Kickoff
Summer is here! We will start summer off with a beach party theme.  We will have fun in our own mini beach.  Students will enjoy many outside activities, crafts, music and a barbeque picnic.

Garden Week
We will plant seeds and plants in our own garden.  We will be able to watch the garden grow all summer and will be able to harvest our garden during summer.

Camping Week
We will be pitching a tent and enjoying camping activities such as fishing, eating Smores, and camping safety.

Happy Birthday America
We will be celebrating our country's birthday with a big birthday bash.  We will be sporting our red, white and blue colors, singing patriotic songs and learning about our country's beginning.

Sports Week
We will be playing many organized sports this week.  To help our celebrate organized sports we will be having current and former Woodstown High School athletics join us for our week of fun.

Cartoon/Character Week
Come and have fun learning more about your favorite cartoon and characters.  We will use the cartoon/characters as learning helpers and will have a puppet show featuring our favorite cartoon/characters.

Christmas in July
Put on your flip flops and get your Santa hats on.  We are celebrating Christmas in July in a tropical setting.  We will be making tropical drinks and decorating Christmas cookies.

Water Works
Sure is hot, let's celebrate the week cooling off playing water games.  We will be playing water sports, playing in the sprinkler, water balloon toss and much more.  Be ready to be soaked.

We will be decorating a ship, telescopes and eye patches…….Land HO!!!  Eye Eye Mateys….we will even be going on a treasure hunt.

Summer Olympics
ABC Learning Station will be having its own Summer Olympics.  We will learn about the Olympics and its main components.  We will be learning about the Olympic flag, holding our own Olympic ceremony and Olympic games. 

Creative Food and Art Week
The week will be filled with creative art activities food activities.  We will build colorful birdhouses and have fun learning about all the different food groups, including eating healthy.  We will even make many fun treats.

Space Week
Students will learn the importance of space technology, space education and learn about our solar system, by fun filled activities, games and story-telling.  During the activities the students will learn many space concepts while having fun.   We will even be building our own space ship.


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